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SHARC Assortment of Electrical Components for Hydmech Series Band Saws

Cycle Start Button for Hydmech H18 & H22 or any other machine calling for list of Cross Numbers.


Lighted Push Button for Hydmech Band Saws

Limit Switch for Hydmech Saws - Does not come with Actuator


Limit Switch for Hydmech Band Saws

This Halogen Bulb is used in various Hydmech Saws internal to the work light assembly.


Halogen Work Light Bulb for Hydmech Band Saws

This control Switch for Hydmech Saws is a 3 position spring return to center and is equipped with 3 normally open contacts.


Operator Control Switch for Hydmech Band Saws

This Miniature Support Stay is utilized to hold the control panel open on Hydmech Saws calling for the listed cross numbers.


Support Stay for Hydmech Band Saws

This Main Breaker is Rated at 6.3 to 10amp and is used as a main shut off on various Hydmech Saws


Main Breaker for Hydmech Band Saws

Roller Plunger Limit Switch Actuator (Limit Switch Head) for Hydmech Saws


Limit Switch Head for Hydmech Band Saws

This Potentiometer is used on various Hydmech Saws to Adjust Blade Speed.


Blade Speed Potentiometer with Knob for Hydmech Band Saws

This Breaker Handle is used to actuate the Main Breaker on various Hydmech Saws.


Breaker Handle Assembly for Hydmech Band Saws

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