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Our "New" Site is up but where do we go from here?





The original was created and uploaded in 2003 when I was on a family vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. My children were young (and so was I...) and when they went down for a nap each afternoon, I took the time to pound away on my old Dell laptop and put up the most basic of websites. It wasn't much to speak of, but it made us visible to a whole new group of customers and for that I was thankful.

That original site had not been updated since 2013 and there are many reasons why this has taken so long but they are all boring. The reality is, what you are seeing here is the fourth website I have made since 2013 and thank goodness, nothing broke and no one went out of business this time. This site was started in September, 2019 and with it we finally get to replace our original site.

As I continue to add all of our product offerings, the site will change its looks to make it easier to navigate. I will do my best to categorize the items logically by  make, model, system and part type. Everything you see is from one person, me. I designed or crossed each item, I verified fitment, I created the instruction sheet or schematic you get with your parts if they come with them, I photographed each item and I created this website. So if you find an error or something doesn't look right,  let me know and I will either explain it or make a correction.

This being said, I cannot thank you enough for considering SHARC Industries as your Band Saw Part Supplier and I hope that you see this website as a firm handshake with a welcoming hello.

Best Regards,



Scott Thomas

SHARC Industries, LLC


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