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PA13-2 Right Front .jpg

Marvel / Spartan PA13/2

SHARC is ready to send our PA13/2 trade in off to a new home.

Demonstrations available by appointment. The saw is located in Berea Ohio and is offered as cutomer pickup or PP&A. Not a true rebuild but we addressed all the machines' shortcomings and then some. A new PLC, Electical Control Panel and New off the shelf Vari Speed Pulleys are the highlights. Call Scott at 440-377-5657 with any questions or to set up visit.

PA13-2 Front View.jpg

An Older, Good Running Machine

Ready for Production the Saw is equipped with a Chip Auger & Vise Pressure Controls. We have Epoxy Coated the main covers.

New Operator Control Panel.JPG

All New Operator Control Panel

Backing Plates are new along with all Control Buttons, Piece Counter & 9 Times Counter. A Bright LED Work Light Has been added as well.

PA13-2 Right Rear.jpg

Digital Speed Read out and New Coolant Lines

New Coolant Lines Throughout. The easy to read FPM gauge is in good working condition and Calibrated.

New Length Counter, Blade Guard and Pressure Gauge.JPG

New Length Gauge and Hydraulic Pressure Gauges

Saw has been tested in Automatic Mode and cuts within .010" of the set lengh when set up properly. New Pressure Gauges Throughout.


New PLC & New Limit Switches

We have installed an OEM factory new PLC along with All New Limit Switches and Limit Switch wiring throughout machine.

New Drive Belt with New Pulleys.jpg

New Vari Speed Pulleys, Drive and Brush Belts

We have completely rebuilt the blade Brush Assembly on both the pulley side and wire brush side.

Covers Open.JPG

All New Wheel Bearings and Rebuilt Worm

Worm Shaft, Drive and Idler Wheels have been rebuilt with New Bearings. Gear box was emptied, cleaned, inspected and a new sight guage installed.

Blade Guides.jpg

All New Blade Guides and Blade Guard

All New Side Blade Guides, Backup Guides and Guide Rollers. Blade Angle has been calibrated along with Preload. New Blade Guard Installed.

Back Left with Cover Shown.JPG

New Hydraulic Lines and Warning Lables

We have replaced all Hydraulic Lines throughout. Factory Warning Labels were purchased from Marvel and installed throughout. Operators Manual Will be Included for Factory Safety Requirements. SHARC implies: No Additional Safety Features Have Been Added and offers no documentation of safety other than the OEM Factory Manual. Please follow local codes for safety.

PA13/2 Serial - Number: EPA130421

Includes 6 month limited warranty

Asking Price: $16,000.00 

Machine Features:

* New PLC

* New Hydraulic Lines Throughout

* New Limit Switches and Limit Switch Wiring Throughout

* All New Operator Control Button Panel Assembly

* New Conduit to Head

* Rebuilt Transmission Including Worm Shaft and New Sight Gauge.

* Rebuilt Idler Wheel

* New Blade Guides, Guide Rollers and Guide Pushers

* New Blade Guard

* New Hydraulic Pressure Gauges Throughout

* New Vari Speed Pulleys and Drive Belt

* Rebuilt brush Assembly with New U-Joints and Brush Belt

* Refaced and Regrooved Band Wheels

* New Vise Pawls

* New Coolant Line Throughout

* New Bright LED Work Light

* Epoxy Coated Covers to offer a clean look for your shop.

* Calibrated and cuts consistant in Automatic Mode

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