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SHARC Part Number:


New Backup Guide Pair for Behringer Band Saws

865-213-200, 101865213210, 865213200, 865-213-210, Behringer Saw Blade Guides

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Replaces Part Numbers:

865-213-200, 101865213210, 865213200, 865-213-210

This Backup Guide Pair fits Behringer Saws running a 2.625" Wide Blade and calling for any of the listed cross numbers.

All SHARC Guides are O.E.M. Quality or Improved.
All SHARC Guides are Precision Ground.
All SHARC Guides have Carefully Radiused Edges to Protect Your Blade.
All SHARC Guides are Made in the U.S.A. from U.S.A. Sourced Components.
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