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Drive Pulley / Crank Pulley for Amada 250W Series Band Saws

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This is the Drive Pulley Only (Mounted to the Drive Motor) Fits Amada 250 "W" Series Saws equipped with the 5HP Motor and a 1.25" Wide Blade from the Factory. It is recommended that the pulleys be replaced as a set for cost benefits.

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Replaces Part Numbers:

7922575, 7922575A, 7922575B, AK-185-AV, 792257502, APH-5.010

Very Important Service Note: 1.00" and 1.250" Blade width pulleys are NOT INTERCHANGEABLE. When these pulleys are mixed together, a misalignment is created that will A) Wear Belts out Very Quickly and B) Ruin one or both of the Pulleys.

10356450, 10383811, 10383810, 7922574, 10579507, PDS-37-23(with Belt), 10300124, 10389569, 10300126

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