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Lift (Swing or Sawhead) Cylinder Rebuild Kit for Amada 407/457 Series Band Saws

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Fits all 400 Series Machines with Serial Numbers Beginning 407 or 457

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Order Now at 440-377-5657


Replaces Part Numbers:

P400077004, 10316429, 10330001, P407003083, 10583666, 10316506, 10375501, 0604338, 604338, P590000026, 10380558, 10001121, 74382909, P590010019, 10330004, 10380559, P590403056, P590312008, 52322216, 10330117

Service Tip: If you have not rebuilt your Lift Cylinder for quite some time, there is a good chance the balancing springs internal to the Cylinder are Broken. If your saw is relied upon for heavy production, SHARC Recommends ordering the springs along with this kit to avoid down time. Replacing them even if they are not broken is advised as well as they do fatigue and rust internal to the cylinder. See Parts A-1230433-LCS & A-1230434-LCS.
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