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Tappet Switch Cylinder Rebuild Kit for All Amada HA250 & HA250W Saws using Rack & Pawl Vises.


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This Kit is to Rebuild the Tappet Switch Assembly on Amada 250 Saws
Equipped with Rack & Pawl Vises

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Order Now at 440-377-5657


Replaces Part Numbers:

800193, 10315506, 10315809, 10315815, 10313220, 10315811

Repair Tip: The Hydraulic Pump on Older Amada 250 Saws Operates "On Demand". During Cutting, the Tappet Switch pressure is connected directly to the Front Vise Clamp Cylinder. If pressure is lost, the Tappet Switch turns on the Hydraulics.

If you are ripping teeth of your blade due to bar spin, your Tappet Switch system may need attention.
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