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SHARC Part Number: 


Relay Set (4 Relays with Mounting Base Terminal) for Amada Band Saws

P800002052, 10380970, 10382733, 10389734, 10336210, 10420143


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Primarily used to control the Solenoid Directional Valves on various Amada Saws. If you need just a relay and not the base please see SHARC Part number A-10389734.

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Replaces Part Numbers:

G6B4BNDDC24V, G6B-4BND, Control Relay

Service Tip: A tell tale sign that this unit has failed is one or more saw motions continue on when they are not supposed to (head crashes into material even though quick approach has touched or vise continues to clamp even though you took your finger off of the button). Tapping the appropriate relay number can temporarily cure the issue.
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