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Roller Clutch for Amada Band Saws

Amada RCB-16227-AG4, 10331207, 11162576


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This Roller Clutch is used in the Chip Conveyor on Older Amada 400 Series Saws equipped with Outboard Auger Motors. Working similar to a Ratchet it only allows the auger motor to drive the spiral shaft in one direction.

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Replaces Part Numbers:

RCB-16227-AG4, RCB162117

Caution! Install with Extreme care.

The outer casing and internal components if this roller clutch are very precise and unforgiving. Never install by striking.

This roller clutch only allows the shaft to turn in one direction allowing your auger to work. If installed backwards, the auger will not bring chips out but instead push them downwards.

It is extremely difficult to remove the roller clutch without destroying it so please, make sure you are certain of the proper direction before installing.
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