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SHARC Part Number:


Super Backup Guide Pair for Amada DYNASAWS

Amada RB099556A, Amada RB09556--A, Amada 10502104, Amada RB099557A, Amada RB09557--A, Amada 10502105

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This Carbide Backup or Top Guide Pair Replaces the OEM Roller Assemblies and is a Direct Fit with No Modifications to your saw. Fits both DYNASAW430 & DYNASAW530 Machines.

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Replaces Part Numbers:

RB099556A, RB09556--A, 10502104, RB099557A, RB09557--A, 10502105
Designed to offer a much longer lifespan over the OEM Style Roller Bearings these Carbide "Super" Backups have a much larger blade contact area for pressure distrubution and also are much less susceptible to catastrophic failure.
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