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SHARC Part Number:


Super Backup Pair for Amada 400 Series Band Saws

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Fits All Saws with Serials Beginning 406, 456, 407 or 457. Replaces both Carbide or Roller Backup Assemblies.
Designed for high speed, high pressure cutting. The wider Brazed carbide pad alleviates the blade walking off of the carbide and cutting into the backup holder. Protect your Carbide and other high dollar blades with these "Super" Backups. Guides can be used twice prior to replacing by simply switching them from side to side thus reversing the blade position on the guide.

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Replaces Part Numbers:

1230255, 10327839, 10380416, 10385735, 1230255 A, 11134932, 10327818, 1200772b, 10327926, 601946, 1230261a, 10327821, 11161661, 1230261,1230262a, 10327823, 11161672, 1230262
All SHARC Guides are O.E.M. Quality or Improved.
All SHARC Guides are Precision Ground.
All SHARC Guides have Carefully Radiused Edges to Protect Your Blade.
All SHARC Guides are Made in the U.S.A. from U.S.A. Sourced Components.
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