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Bandsaw Blade Guide Remanufacturing

“Remanufacturing Service”, simply put, is when you supply us with your worn guides and we install new carbide and finish the guide height to factory spec. If you do not see your saw listed on these pages, we can still remanufacture them. With over $50,000.00 in carbide inventory we have pre-sized carbide for many makes and models.

Remanufacturing or “Retipping” of your worn guides, while possible and affordable, may not be the best option for you. Most guides equipped with coolant ports have the coolant ports worn right along with the carbide. Once the carbide is brought back up to height, the coolant will flow from the bottom of the guide and reduce pressure and flow to the actual cutting area. With some used guides, the steel body may be in too bad of shape or improper height to achieve factory spec. In those instances with improper height, installing steel shim in addition to the new carbide may be necessary; however this will not affect any performance aspect of the blade and will be used only as a last resort.

SHARC Industries will perform remanufacturing service on most any blade guides provided to us.     
Guides that do not qualify for this service are:

  • Any guide that has been run backwards (Steel backing worn)

  • Any guide that is severely bent or damaged.

  • Any guide that has had the steel body machined or resized in the past.

  • Any guide with damage to the mounting holes or edges.

  • Any guide deemed to be beyond repair.

When we determine a guide to be beyond repair, we will contact you and confirm the best action to follow. All irreparable guides will be returned to you upon request.

In many cases, a remanufactured guide may be indistinguishable from a new guide. This is our goal and we take great pride in our Remanufacturing Service. In the end, New or Remanufactured, we will work with each customer to meet cost, supply and quality expectations.

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