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SHARC Part Number:


Backup Guide Pair for Hydmech Band Saws - 2.625" Wide Blade

Hydmech, 805711, 818642, 340780

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Replaces Part Numbers:

805711, 818642, 340780
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This Backup / Top Guide Pair fits Hydmech Saws using a 2.625" Wide Blade that were equipped with the listed cross numbers from the factory.

Rather than screwed, on small pieces of carbide, SHARC backup guides for larger Hydmech saws have one piece of carbide brazed the entire length of the guide. Our guides also come equipped with anti-vibration rubber installed. This helps reduce vibration and blade noise. What this means is more carbide, a unified contact surface and no screws to cut through and reduce blade life.

Why aren't there screws like there are on your factory guides?

Seeing inconsistent wear and poor performance from the OEM guides back in the 1990's, SHARC designed their guides for Hydmech Saws to perform like the guides on higher end machines.
Brazing on the carbide means more surface area for blade support, no shattered or missing pads,
guide flatness within .0002" and an overall better, longer lasting product for less money.
SHARC also utilizes thicker guide bodies when possible (carbide height is to OEM spec) to eliminate any flex.
Always the Original and Still Made in the U.S.A.

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